Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Scarlett the Director.

Don't you mean actress? Non. I know what I said. The lady, 'The other woman' of many passions on and off screen, the scarlet woman herself, ahem, is about to make her directorial debut. Huzzah! On the agenda is Truman Capote's  first novel "Summer Crossing."
The story was shelved after Capote wrote it and it was in oblivion for some 50 years before it was found again. It's about a Manhattan socialite in the 1940s. Apparently Johansson has been working with the Capote Estate for years to turn it into a screenplay for film so it's no flash in the pan. Exciting times when your fave piping hot actress/singer with a brain is busy sharpening her directing claws, AND it sounds like it's just up my street. I hope Monsieur Woody Allen has taught her a thing or two.

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