Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pochette Métis.

'Small is Beautiful' by Louis Vuitton starring Hanneli Mustaparta pictured above
Gala Gonzalez ph

I had fallen out of Louis Vuitton in the last couple of years once again, for some reason it seems to be cyclic. It happens something like every 4-6 years then I come  over all gushing for it all over again.And yes, by God yes it happened again. It should have happened when the 'Neverfull' was launched, it should have when the Epi collection was re-launched not long ago, but it didn't. It was with a combination of slight 'Céline fatigue' and counterfeit disorder I decided to do the unexpected. Watch YouTube videos. Wha? I hear you say? Why YouTube videos and what the flaming hell as that got to do with LV? I'll tell you why.
 It came in the shape of a lovely lady called Winnie who goes by the youtube alias as Vintage Heirloom. This beautiful yet sensibility dressed Asian English woman was talking about how you can spot a fake bag. She chose Chanel and Louis Vuitton as examples and it was through these detailed examples I learnt my miniature 'luxury craft' lesson. Even though I have used many luxury brands including the aforementioned, I quite forgot how much effort and time goes into the quality and craftsmanship of the bags, let alone the design. I felt like the angels had kissed my forehead and whispered: 'All is not lost beauty' in my ears, for I was wandering in the fruitless dessert that was 'mindless consumption city' An empty place where people buy things purely for the name just to show off to their neighbours/enemies/friends, 'look what I have' or rather: 'look what you don't have.'

I was feeling disillusioned and distracted JADED, for lack of a better word. I thought, is this what people care about really? I forced these pressing questions on myself so that I could answer honestly and this little you tube video was the answer.

Since then, I have been lustily gazing in the windows of Louis Vuitton boutiques and pining on-line for all the new and kinda new products that were vying for my attention. There were several and funnily enough, they all stemmed from the 'Small is Beautiful' Campaign which launched almost a year ago starring Miroslava Duma, Hanneli Mustaparta and Elin Kling. I remember I watched the full video, loved it loved the girls, but somehow wasn't taken by the presentation of the product, it seemed too 'happy' and not suited to my mundane lifestyle.(It's probably not that mundane but hey I'm British, no matter how much fun I'm having I must always appear to be blasé) No black, no navy blue or grey, colours which say I am macabre all of the time about my privileged life in London (Not) my life is far from what I deem as privileged but my ultimate fantasies almost always border on the tragic and the morbid idea why... any who, what seemed to work is spotting it on the lovely  Gala Gonzalez, the famous blogger/ DJ of Louis Vuitton's viral/social media marketing campaign was triumphant. Fantastic source of marketing, get a beauty who's style I have long admired for a while now and sponsor her to wear your products and wham BAM! why thank you mam, pathetic dodos like me come running. The bag in question is the Pochette Métis (Ah she comes to it at last! Boy can she ramble) sleek and structured in the monogram coated canvas and leather trim. The main strap is cross body and also monogrammed but I may also buy an additional cowhide leather strap as I prefer the contrast. It's a winner folks.
The joke is, I don't know where I think I'm going or where I think I'm going to get the money from right now when I am tied up into too many other commitments to be looking at such a treat however the reassuring thing is that besides the quailty, I can feel safe in the knowledge that Louis will never put this bag on sale. But heeeey, in the meantime, girl can ogle right?

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Find Me A Muse said...

I do exactly the same thing. My love is starting to grow again but not quite there yet, not like it used to be but it's getting there :)

- Mandi

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