Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pick & Mix.

images via tumblr
It looks like a pick and mix, but they all accurately depict the mood I'm in right now. 1.) Not only do I need to take a break right now but I have always wanted a globe. If my pockets would allow a reeeeally nice antique one. I love to be able to refer to maps and globes, for no particular reason really I just like having the world at my finger tips! (Guffaw at pun.) 2.) I have always loved 40s and 50s glamour and beauty. Veronica Lake hair, red lips etc. 3.) The note that follows is eerily precise for me at this time. It's not an easy ride when you face trialling times and I find the above statement so refreshing and not at all nauseating like other 'lifequotes' that seem so cryptic and overly sentimental about the harsher aspects of life and living. 4.) The whiter the rooms the better! (All the better to instagram things with my dear....) 5. ) Denim and White tees. Always a classic, always a favourite 6.) Stairways in foreign lands, makes you wonder what's at the top, who climbs them and what were they like. The one pictured makes me think of rural towns and villages in countries like Spain and Morocco 7 NYC. No more to be said really.

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