Friday, 31 May 2013

Mija The Tomboy.

all images from Mija's blog
 If you didn't already discover her via her instagram, you found her here on the web. Didn't you? didn't you? Girl is photo-GENIC riiiiight?? I know so little about her, just that she has a great eye for minimalism but somehow combines it with the LA aesthetic. Not even professional photographers can nail that. She makes ordinary clothes seem like the coolest things you'll ever want to spend your Saturday mornings hunting for online. Like this Tomboy sweater from Filles a Papa which you can purchase at Browns. Check out her blog here.

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Find Me A Muse said...

Mija is amazing. She always looks so fresh and relaxed and of course, stylish. I love this Tomboy series. I wish I looked that good in a sweater!

- Mandi

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