Friday, 31 May 2013

New In Hair.

Just Bought.

Sup guys. I'm stoked. Totally stoked. I am still beaming from my very very very recent and accidental discovery of the Aveda salon in London's West end. I always knew about Aveda as a product and I had tried their product before. Albeit at the time,I bought from a very young and inexperienced sales assistant who did not have the slightest iota what to sell me in a department store-who shall not be named. However, this time- this bright springy afternoon in fact, I stumbled upon Aveda, in all it's glass fronted and wooden panneled/floor glory. I saw three sales assistants and promptly marched up to the lady with hair texture similar to mine. Who knew that if one craned ones head further you can see, then you will find that Aveda did not just sell products, but it was a full blown hair salon, nail bar and beauty spa and get this, specialising in natural hair. You GUYS! I thought this shiz existed only in NYC and LA. (That is Afro/Caribbean mixed type hair) OK, so I know I have isolated about a bunch of you guys but Aveda's products are about 75-93% natural for ALL hair types, natural, coloured and processed. Not organic mind, but hey-ho it's a start. My scalp has been seriously itchy as of late since I am usually in beast mode at the gym and find that my hair generally is dryer than it normally is. It was so itchy that if you saw me scratching my head you'd probably think I was contemplating works by Plato and searching for the meaning of life. That's how bad dudes. The lovely consultant explained it was because I was putting the conditioner directly on my scalp instead on the hair which is why my scalp felt aggravated and itchy. I was so relived to learn this piece of information that I could literally feel the relief from the land of irritation rise up like a phantom into the abyss.I'm also looking forward to trying their 'be curly' range So what am I going to do when I get home? After gym I mean, straight up I'm gonna WASSSHHHH MA HUUURRR! But first, while I'm still at my desk, I will fantasise about the wonders these new additions to my hair routine will bring.
The Aveda Institute Salon and Spa can be found
174-177 High Holborn
City of London, WC1V 7AA
or call 020 7759 7355
(click links to take you directly to their website to learn more about thier range.)

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