Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Come to my Baity!

Finally. I think that's one word which springs to mind. Despite my new new-look blog stalling it's appearance I thought it would be appropriate to continue to update the backlog of posts I have accumulated. Namely this one, mainly because I am a little pleased with how the pictures came out and also because I get to introduce you to my daarling friend Aiysha Hart. She's an actress on the rise and you will see more of her in a future post.

For now though, I want to draw your attention to the magnificent lunch we had at Baity Kitchen, it all started when I was ambling along the streets of South Kensington, I was busy taking pictures for my Walton Street post, when I was heavily seduced by the freshly baked goodies in the windows all whispering 'come- hither'. Even though it's in the heart of Chelsea, there is no pretense at all. Aiysha joined me at the last minute- and we were both quite hungry and agreed we'd go for Jak's. (A similarly placed cafe) No Jak's, but since I remembered the images of the pretty exterior, the mint green lettering and white background and the lure of the open counter piled high with succulent Salmon and Mediterranean roast veggies who were we to refuse?

Baity, means 'My Home' in Arabic and the idea is that you are at home, probably at the table in your mother's kitchen somewhere rustic and Med. Immediately I loved the decor, themes of mint and cream, simple with bunches of lavender placed at the tables and pictures on the wall. It's quaintness reminded me slightly of the countryside, or rather a Londoner longing to escape to the countryside (Erm me) and combined with it raining, well we could be snuggled right in a country home in Devon. Except it wasn't Devon, you could still hear cars booming down the main road and someone yelling randomness outside but in a perfectly 'publicly-schooled' accent

We ate are way through Cod, Salmon and roast vegetables all seasoned to perfection. It's always a pleasure to eat food with a fellow foodie but who is also conscious about the quality too. And being foodies how could we pass on coffee and cakes as treats afterwards? Uh huh. (For me it was straight up greed.) If you're ever in London, or if you're a Londoner and you're ever South West, head to Baity, you will leave satisfied with full bellies and beaming smiles. Ciao.

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