Wednesday, 13 February 2013


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 For Halloween I'm 'on dress like Django. Yea, you heard me, Djan-GO? Or Dr. King Schultz at least. I went to go and see the movie about two weeks ago after waiting about a year and a half of hearing all the hype around it. I almost peed myself from excitement whilst rubbing my hands together with glee thinking 'Ooh, Tarantino's gone and done it this time!' and where I don't really think I am well placed to go into all the controversy, politics and ladidah about the chosen back-drop, I will say I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. HOWEVER. Being a Tarantino fan, I didn't quite think it was his best. Where were the unforgettable one liners? Oh so few were there...and the clean cut beautifully orchestrated fight scenes with amazing speeches before the showdown huh? Huh? I tried to remember that I was watching a Spaghetti Western, not Kill Bill Vol.1.
With all that said though, is it me or did you guys FEEL the soundtrack and the costume design? Another level or what?? Tupac mashed with James Brown, old songs from the original movie and some straight up modern day hip-hop for dessert. Sharen Davis was the costume designer for this feature film, she was also behind The Help and Dreamgirls. When she and her team picked out Django's uniform for his new role as a bounty-hunter, well let's just say you're not wrong lass. I mean the hat with the smooth round frames? A look you know could very well translate on catwalks in New York and on the street, and is it me or do I spy Dr Schultz's coat is very much like the Proenza Schouler coat that MK Olsen wore some years back in an off-duty shot. (Obviously it was the coat of the time, but you know me, fashion goggles- they don't come off.) Und don't get me started on Quentin's hat, ever since I saw screen shots of him wearing it whilst directing I started channelling my inner movie director. That hat, the neutral scarf, I'd probably wear sand coloured Current-Elliott jeans and a battered over sized t-shirt. Come to think of it, I'd wear that look anyway.
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illustration via google
 Ahh, the imagery, makes you want to mosey on down to the wild wild West. Kinda.

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