Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Day At The Opera.

So onwards I ambled forward with my camera, meandering around 'Landan' town, not quite knowing what to do-or to photograph, but looking ever so slightly glazed of the eye from some peculiar happiness. It's pretty much how we all look when we're tourists touristing the hell out of a foreign country we've never been to, stopping mid-walk to admire a lampost or whatever, when I found myself wandering into the Opera Gallery. All these years I never felt compelled to go inside-for all I know they may have held the Mona Lisa at one point! But, drawn by the 2 men carefully carrying into the building a very authentic Keith Haring into the space, well I just had to go in. Camera at the ready...
Sir Francis Bacon
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Daniele Buetti
Joe Black's Superman (seen below)
Joe Black's portrait of Picasso, which up close is made of hardcore pornographic images on badges.
Joe Black's Mao
Close up of Mao, made from toy soldiers.
Wait. Wasn't this supposed to be a fashion blog? Yes aaand no. I fully intend to make this into a fashion, lifestyle, film and people blog a bit of a stretch I know, but what can I say? I do have other interests besides fashion ya know. Und you my dear reader, probably do aswell.

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