Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Quest For The White Background...

You know when you see bloggers and instagrammers (the same folk nowadays) take a perfect picture of an object and somehow the image is pristine? They all have something in common, the photo-studio white background. I always thought they existed only in wall-to-wall sizes but clearly there must be a simpler way to capture a solitary cup of coffee without the breadcrumbs from your wooden kitchen table showing up in the shot. Or using your wrinkled sheets as a backdrop. Doesn't help either. Scowl. So how can I effect that beautiful white background which will reflect the light everywhere and gives my images that minimalist beauty?

I have been searching on Amazon and eBay and found there are portable photo studios for capturing small objects, which at first seems great but what if I want to show you my new bag or my porridge oats?? How will that help? I will be loving soon, to where there is more natural light and space so maybe that will help. In the mean time, if anyone can help, what do you suggest?

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