Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost...

If there are any of you guys out there that do actually check out my blog, 1. Thank you and 2. Like me you're probably into other stuff too. I jut wanted to share some images that I had sitting in my archives thanks to google and tumblr. I don't only have a passion for fashion, I adore movies, travel, photography-naturally even though I can't snap for shit- and FOOD, put these things together and well let's just say goodbye social life, hello hibernation. The food image I think is from the blog What Katie Ate. I love food. More importantly, good food. Recently I have adjusted my diet and found that I am discovering (and rediscovering) new foods and dishes specifically in raw or vegan format- hey don't gag, try it first! Then there is also a still from one of my all time go-to movies: Breakfast At Tiffany's, I always watch it when I need a dose of style inspiration from the beauty that was Ms Hepburn. I don't know much about architecture but I have a thing for old buildings, particularly brownstones in New York. Specifically if you are going to paint yours pink. As you can see from these images I am a fool for retro, kitsch and the traditional, although not always together. Old records, cigar boxes, vintage cars and little shabby cafes in Europe that still look exactly the same 10 years later when you come to revisit. I'm all for moving forward but there is something magical about capturing relics from the past. In some ways I yearn to be transported back to that time, even when things weren't as ideal. x

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Find Me A Muse said...

Great images. Alot of them really take me back. I absolutely get what you mean about the nice things about the past. I miss when life wasn't as complicated and full on. The 'gold old days'.... I hope you go well with finding some great vegan recipes. My brother actually was vegan for about 8 years and I swear he ended up being an amazing cook from it! And of course much healthier. I hope you are still enjoying your photography and your camera.

- Mandi

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