Saturday, 3 August 2013

New Hair New Life...

Emily Weiss by Patric Shaw

Karla Deras by unknown
I don't know what it is about turning a certain 'age' for some reason it seems to call for a new 'do. (No I'm not that old!)  My hair is natural (afro textured) and just about shoulder length now and I am looking for something that can go between my tighter curlier coils to something a bit more carefree. I am probably going to opt for the Keratin treatment which will soften my hair and loosen the curl pattern and wear it down in curls. To create a larger curl, or a wavier effect, I plan on wrapping my hair around some medium soft rollers over night to create that 'Daria' effect. Hmm. I'd better get ready for some hair teasing and tousling then. I have been obsessed with her hair in the recent A/W13 CĂ©line ad campaign that's out at the moment but instead of bothering your vision with yet another 'Daria' hair story, I thought I'd try to give you a more concrete view of what I 'd like to achieve instead. I want to draw on some real-girl inspo. Such in the likeness of Emily Weiss and Karla Deras

What I like about Emily's hair is that it's on the shorter side with a massive sweeping side part. In the top image she looks like she really couldn't give a sh*t. Then there is Karla. Karla Karla Karla. I don't think I have ever seen her hair past her shoulders. When I first discovered and fell in love with her blog like 7 years ago she rocked the pixie. Her hair is naturally curly so her hair would do the Halle Berry thing. Now fast forward years later and she has allowed for her hair to hit the base of her neck. it's closer to the vibe I'm going for and speaks to my inner hippie without committing to long tresses. For me the bob/lob (long bob) is the hair of choice. Long hair is pretty but I haven't got 5 years of hair growth nor the girl-woman/woman-girl ethereal grace that models and Cali-based teen bloggers wear so well. (and like, I feel like you need freckles for that) I feel like shorter hair makes for a clean, polished and grown up look, like your saying: "Am I bothered tho?" It's easy and you look more groomed and professional, sassy even. I find all my fav style mavens have interesting hair. Either it's a massive afro like Solange or huge blond curly hair like Mija Knezevic, anyhow you look at it,  interesting hair equals interesting girl. Take Nicole Richie and Sara Donaldson, their hair allows the attention to settle on their features and personalities. Not everyone wants to be Ariel you know.

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