Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lil' Sis Big Miss.

Meet my youngest sister and testing subject for my first ever post with my new CA-MA-RAH. (In my terrible Jenna Maroney voice.) Hey. Look, I told you all I would inflict you with meaningless fodder until I am a camera wielding pro. Soon y'all be like: 'Woah, was Scott Schuman here?' and stuff, and I'd be all like hell no?
In the mean time this is me messing about and getting used to the thing. My sis was just about to sprint to Chinatown to sip 'Chai-time' Bubble tea with her posse.(The best in her opinion, better than Bubbleology, look her words OK?)
head gear unknown// ted baker leather jacket//mulberry bag// doc martens boots//
 skirt purchased in south korea.
By the way, did I mention she speaks Chinese? She recently temped for a famous London department store to raise some money for her trip to South Korea and one of the members of staff, fondly recalled to me today about how she marched over to some Chinese ladies who had trouble communicating with a member of staff and started speaking Mandarin and watched their eyebrows separate from their faces in shock and utter confusion. Cool huh? Oh how I've always fantasised about being in a quaint cafe in Paris or a restaurant in LA with a whole bunch of cool so and SOs , talking about how cool we are-conceited I know- and then my phone rings and I answer it speaking Afrikaans or something to the person on the other end and everyone looks on in amazement. I guess we all want to feel like unique butterflies scaling the horizon right? What's your party trick? I'm still trying to figure mine out.

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