Tuesday, 8 May 2012



I am cooing over accessories at the mo- you know- just for the hell of it. My attention jumps from one thing to another as the people who know me well will know. 
One minute I'm all: "The Celine Trio reigns supreme!", Then I'm all:  "No babes it's all about the Classic Chanel 2.55", Then suddenly I'm wanting a Jerome Dreyfuss tote. I cannot make up my mind with shoes too. Is it the Valentino Rockstar pumps, Stubbs and Wootton Slippers or Charlotte Olympia shoes?....Uhhhhh

1. Celine Trapeize
2.Illesteva Sunglasses
3. Balmain Belt
4. Eddie Borgo Spike Bracelet
5. LeivanKash Skull Bracelet
6. Stubbs and Wootton Slippers
7. Chanel 'June' Nail polish

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Tina.. said...

All these are beautiful..

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