Wednesday, 2 November 2011

One. More. Time.

I know so many other bloggers have blogged and re-blogged and re-blogged an exhaustive running commentary on all of the fashion weeks but...well...I just have to get some more of those pics off my chest, er I mean blog.  Here comes the fashion vomit!
"Ready for our scheduled 45 min run?"
"Yea just a sec, let me just adjust this strap.." 
source: streetfsn
one of my many blog crushes:
source: stockholmstreetstyle

Pops toting her original Alexa wearing THE screeching gorilla dress by Christopher Kane

chic: Hanneli

 Burberry boots to Louboutin Loafers: "Would you like to swap feet? It ain't half sweaty in here"

Grr, if I see another Celine bag I'm gonna...

 Now where did I put that blasted scarf??
Ready...Set...Go! Aaand they're off..

How DOES one achieve that eyebrow?
A beauty de jour from Louis Vuitton SS12 runway
source: unknown

"MY Philip Lim bag is bigger than your Celine bag so there!"
Polly Swashbuckler sniffed.
"Well I have better legs than YOU so there!" rebuked her assistant.
"'re fired."

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