Thursday, 7 August 2014

Fall Transitional pieces

Fall Transitional pieces
These are the items I am thinking on this fall. 1. An ACNE sweater which thankfully they have cleverly decided to repeat this season, 2. HM pool slides which cannot be found ANYWHERE, however I been lucky enough to have found a pair on eBay. 3. COS front pleat trousers, again, these were an instant purchase, you can't get me out of them. 4. The Saint Laurent Monogramme cross body bag, I missed out on the last croc one, hopefully, I will get this current design or the plain leather with gold finish. 5. Maria Black 'Signet' ring, just simple and elegant 6. In dreams would I have a Leica camera 7. Byredo Cotton Poplin candle for my new space 8. Larsson and Jennings watch- this had better happen soon.

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sher said...

i'd like a Leica too someday! :) xx.


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