Monday, 24 February 2014

Mansur Gavriel.

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OK. Wait. Halt! I know you've seen this bag around the block, namely on the who's who of the blogger world such as Andy,  but it was not until I stumbled across the official Instagram account of the brand in question, that following them cemented the fact that this bag HAS to be my NEXT acquisition. Currently sold out on Net-a-porter, Mansur Gavriels' bucket bag has left us, or rather me slightly restless. Itchy even. Currently only avail on line and no where to be found in the UK (Why?) This bag is leaving all kinds of marks on my pathetic weak consumer-ridden mind. I actually adore the fact that they are playing hard to get with supply- yes we've sussed out this marketing trick, clever us- but it's not funny when you actually need to discover, feel and hold this baby in your arms. If you are a handbag fiend then I guess you understand my maternal brooding over this red-lined beauty. Gimme, gimme, gimme! £395 at net-a-porter, it beats paying £1950 for a CĂ©line right now.


Aesthetic.Li said...

You can't pre-order it through Moda Operandi's UK site? They have a trunkshow until this Thursday going on. I'm going to get the black tote! - Aliya

Tittyfer and Ampleforth said...

I tried to but they only have the one with blue lining and I am looking for the red lining! x

Find Me A Muse said...

They are absolutely the most perfect bags aren't they! I've been eyeing them off too thanks to Andy as well. Such an affordable option compared to other brands of equal quality. I love the minimal design. I'm into the red lining too. Now, just to get our hands on one!

x Mandi

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