Wednesday, 29 January 2014

American Hustle.

Dallas eat your shoulder-padded heart out

This multi-awarding winning drama is set in the 70s in New Jersey about two con artists who get caught but come up with the biggest con of their lives to get themselves out. It's about reinvention, second chances, the social limitations we face,  and shitty things that happen as a result and sometimes hurting good people.

Honey, does my hair look big enough to you?
Turn around lemme see.
I may be a mouthy mother, but damn, I'm fine!

So we're NOT in St. Barts?
So far, American Hustle (Starring Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence) has been slaying the awards circuit including a multiple of nominations for the Oscars. There is something about the way they dressed in the 70s, that if you weren't a star, the furs, the low necklines, the cravats, the glitter, the flares, the lamé and the hoop ear-rings could be borderline trashy, but as David O' Russell (the director) says, there was something innocent about that era, even when they made the wrong choices it was coming from the heart. I think that just about sums it up for the wardrobe choices of the men. By any means necessary; Don't. Look. Hot. And as much as I do love the Gucci/Dallas heyday outfits,  Jennifer's fur coat and Amy's crochet bikini won't be venturing into my closet any time soon. Well, maybe Jennifer's hoop earrings. OK OK everything!! After all I'm a sucker for all things 70s, I guess that makes me rather innocent too then.

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