Friday, 18 October 2013

Prim and Somewhat Proper.

Prim and Somewhat Proper.

Tartan is everywhere. So is plaid. Wait is plaid the same as tartan or is that something else? Anywho, I am not sure the correct name matters. What does matter is how you interpret it for fall. I guess you could go for the obvious tartan scarf or coat (From Zara) but then where's the joy? Why not take it a step further and play to your childhood in a pleated tartan wool pinafore dress like the new season Saint Laurent version pictured? Add some Brogues by Churches and a velvet Maison Michel wide brim hat and suddenly who's the better dressed at Balthazar's? The waiters will keep delivering the chocolate soufflĂ© that you didn't order on the account that you are paying tribute to honour your school puddings. (Rhubarb crumble anyone?) Edge it up with Jennifer Zeuner's caged ring, Brute ear cuff from Farfetch and this black onyx and gold vermeil necklace by Saint Laurent. Loverly.

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Morbid Angel said...

Now that is one cute outfit put together. Love it!!!!

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