Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shit Bloggers Wear.

Shit Bloggers Wear.
Leather heels from 

Inspiration taken from the famous tumblr blog, I think my post title sums it up here. If you love perusing blogs then you've seen these sandals. Many times. And why not? They are probably the best Saint Laurent rip offs money can buy. Whether it's Andy, Sabrina, Mija or Camille, your never really short on ideas on how to create your own looks. From minimal feminine, to sporty-luxe, you can't fail. How about being able to track them down first? Sold out in so many branches across London and on-line, here's hoping you have better luck than me.

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Find Me A Muse said...

Your title of the post really got my attention. Mainly because I saw the image and cringed thinking I have those! Ok it was a half cringe. Honestly the heels are great! I was tossing up between those (black ones) or a givenchy pair of a very similar style but maybe 7 times more expensive. So glad I went with the Zara! If you are looking, you may have luck on eBay :)

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