Saturday, 3 August 2013

New In.

Proenza Schouler PS11 Classic Medium in Black buy here

One word. Finally. I have been bending the ears of all who know me about how much I wanted this bag. Every time I was ready to buy it, it was sold out everywhere in London and even online stores, although I wasn't ready to pay premium shipping costs... I know what your thinking. I have been thinking it too.  Meh, every blogger and instagrammer has this bag now so what?.... I know right?

Everywhere you look some starry-eyed blogger beauty is parading the PS11 on her arm, it's in every coffee shop in some quaint sea town in Italy, seated by the side of some Australian beauty about to tuck into her fav gluten free -wheat free blueberry pancakes. Even in London, if your not clad all in leather kicking about in the latest Saint Laurent ankle boots without the aforementioned on your arm well then who are you? There are some people who can smell a hot bag a mile off, that would be my blogger friend Emmy who grabbed the bag when it was pretty much a stranger to us back in late 2011. Damn she's good. (I tend to pay attention to what bags she likes now.) Then there is Rumi Neely who I'll admit, I saw the bag on first about 2 years ago, both colours. It was instant love of course and I always loved the designers but I was knee deep in CĂ©line love at the time. Also Proenza was just cementing their name on our shores in boutiques buried in West London. The troubling thought is, now that I have this bag I am looking out for my next purchase- maybe I should try enjoying this one first non? It's just that the choice has never been so vast on choosing a new handbag and since it's been ages since I bought one, the number has escalated since I decided to purchase this one  Sad but true.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got it!!! And believe it or not, I've never seen another girl wearing one here in Houston. But you know the fact that other people the things I have don't really bother me. I think they look different on every person. I'm sure you'll make yours look even more amazing!

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