Monday, 26 August 2013

Fashion Fetishes Made Legal.

Member when Phoebe made those furry Birkenstocks slash pool slippers? Yea? Well it wasn't that long ago so I would expect you to remember otherwise you should start making inquiries into elderly people's homes. I remember back when they were swathed all over models feet and dispatched down the runways during fashion week late last year and I thought: 'Nope. I'll never do that.' I would faithfully wear anything Phoebe told me to, whether it was for sartorial reasons or ones of complete sincerity (like wearing the Nike Vortex sneakers with a MaxMara merino wool midi skirt and an Acne oversized ripped denim jacket) but not these. I mean, why would anyone wear a MaxMara skirt with footwear associated with London's disaffected youth? The same reason why you would want to dress like a Finnish tourist in Brazil. In short, to repeat Leandra Medine's mantra: For man repelling. (Duh.) Ok so where does one even begin on this type of footwear?  Oh I know! Why don't we revert back to the original originals? The classic Arizona Birkenstocks of course! Let's have a taste.

Looking back, I guess it's time to eat my words because not only are they big they're big, I have fallen for them. But I do wonder, will I not look like a middle-aged man with a bald patch in the middle of his head and shops at his local arts and crafts store? These are the common concerns I have.

If wearing Birkies, (yes I said Birkies) reminds you of being forced to dress like both your parents on educational trips to dilapidated windmills and transport museums in the summer, then why not look at these alternatives from Vagabond? Check out Camille who wears them rather well and sponge some ideas from there. I plan on wearing mine with structured black crop trousers, ideally the ones from Acne would make a great companion, a fedora and of course an air of nonchalance. (Well I don't think I have a choice in London do I?) Total Phoebe cool.

Sabrina wearing hers on her blog

Camille from

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