Thursday, 16 May 2013

Le Neutral Sport.

Le Neutral Sport

Totally inspired by Mija and Frances's personal style on the sport luxe chic aesthetic right now. Totally diggin' on those bombers too. I have the sandals, but reeeaaalllly want those blasted Balenciaga rings. (Apparently they have been recalled as they forgot to put a final coat which prevents it from tarnishing, but once they come back, those babies are mine!) I am obsessed with ear cuffs nowadays but my expensive taste does not permit me to go for Repossi ones just yet -but soon my pretties, soon. And anyway, it's not like I plan on trying out the leather short shorts with my Nike bra top any time soon but borrowing some of the 'accents' is a pretty rad idea...
1. Ear cuffs by Ryan Storer
2. Nike Sports Bra
3. Alexander Wang Bomber Jacket
3. Nars Lipstick in 'Jungle Red' found here
4. Thakoon Addition 'Mako' black leather shorts
5. Balenciaga Rings
6. Zara Mid-heel sandals
7. Céline Trio in Black
8. Zoya Nail Polish in neutral

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