Friday, 17 May 2013

Instagram Etiquette.

OK, Let's open up a dialogue here.

Hello chaps. If you're expecting the eloquence of the wordy Manrepeller dear reader , then you may have to lower your expectations down a peg or two, no, wait ten. Make that ten. Crappy writing at it's best! (Just think of it as fast food) Scrolling through instagram, as you do, I came across a random but not unusual comment. I cringed at it slightly and carried on scrolling. I found the comment on Miroslava Duma's instagram (@miraduma) account with the pic of her 'looking down' shot wearing Nike Fly Knits and the notorious Plexiglas Lego Chanel bag in green. The comment read: "Omg how much did u did you get that Chanel bag for @miraduma its so cute!" end quote. Why did I wince at such a harmless comment? The comment, feeble in it's nature is not unlike many we find on the 'gram accounts of the insta-famous,  however the amount of times I have winced or glazed over with mild embarrassment reading similar comments has got me thinking...

In the case of Miroslava Duma, it will probably do you well NOT to ask. Especially if you know who she is... Which I do. 1. She is a brand ambassador for many luxury brands and is quite often 'gifted' these products to wear, 2. She owns and runs her own on line web-zine Buro 24/7, which features up-to-the-minute fashion and lifestyle and the 'Champagne clink' of Russian society (Which she also belongs to) and finally, 3. Was also the former editor of Russian Harper's Bazaar. So it's no wonder how much general interest her wardrobe generates hence all the over enthusiastic questions. If you don't know who she is, quite simply, google her. With regards to the Chanel bag however, I'll happily tell you how much it costs. Around 5,000 pounds sterling in chunk change if you're asking. But if you know who she is, WHY are you asking? That's like asking Cameron Diaz if she'll be 'up in da club' tonight!

Are you asking because you're going to buy it? Or in learning the price will it allow you to make further judgements about how rich she might be? Or are you trying to gauge what she does for a living? In my opinion, and in my limited reality of living in a big city, asking how much things are willy nilly, is just not the 'done' thing. Between equals there's no qualms about asking, especially in a loosely class-based society like the genteel confines of London. Tradtionally British people do not discuss money until you reeeaally have to. In the way of superfical materialism, it only does you well to to ask your peers, or people with similiar lifestyles to your own, and I find to my experience, even on instagram. There is no use asking Paris Hilton how much her pink diamond tennis bracelet cost if she's going to tell you its 40k and you're a student with an income and student loan amounting up to about 15k right? If Mira did divulge every time someone asked her how much something of hers cost, how would you then perceive her? What refrains me (most of us) from asking other Instagrammers how much they copped their s* for? Etiquette that's what. So, I find the polite thing to do is NOT to ask.

Let's define the term etiquette, French in it's origins, like so many 'English' words, the meaning according to Wikipedia is: "is a code of behaviour that delineates expectations for social behaviour according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group." This society being  a 'virtual' one and this particular demographic being one in pursuit of fashion and lifestyle, then using it's common, cruder term, the word 'manners' would be a fitting cap.
J.P. Morgan (The real guy who sneezed and magically turned himself into a bank) apparently once declared: "If you need to ask, then you can't afford it." Hey this guy said it not me! Now now ladies before you start taking off your ASOS knuckle rings and Herm├ęs collier de chien cuffs, HEAR ME OUT. I am not suggesting that these comments, mean the Instagrammer in question cannot afford the item in question and so shouldn't bother asking, I certainly couldn't, but I want to try to understand the reason why. I guess, the obvious answer is age. The people asking are probably much younger and we, the more experienced so and sos look on and mildly shudder. Some of us have been down that instagram road let them learn on their own.... 

Just appreciate the view 1. Never having to feel slightly peeved or full on embarrassed when you're ignored or your question is overlooked (because it will be), 2. Enjoying a fantasy lifestyle for next to nothing, and or not even having to buy a magazine to obtain it and 3. The contentment that you will not feel obliged to open up your wallet whilst doting on all the 'gator skinned Birkin bags you could ever hope for, learning a little along the way and finally 4. Indulging in complete and utterly shameless voyeurism. Happy dayz! Once again, just enjoy the view, it's all fun anyway.

What are you're thoughts?

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Bisous Natasha said...

Thank you for this. Fortunately I haven't been asked how much something is (coz ahem I don't share Miroslava's bank balance lol) but if someone where to ask personal question, I would just ignore them. Unless it's something cool to share like, wow these £1 sunglasses at Primark for a festival, then by all means, but the name CHANEL should let people know the cost. And damn it, google the price. People are so lazy these days.

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