Friday, 15 March 2013

Casual Footwear. Do I Really Need These??

Pic 1: Givenchy slip-ons Pic 2: Céline slip-ons images via Browns Fashion and Google
 It's the question I have been asking my self since I clapped eyes on the orange calf-hair Céline slip on sneakers from last season. While I have always loved the original Vans- mmm maybe not enough to actually wear them, but enough to know that they are foot friendly and street worthy- I never really ventured out into 'skater' territory to look for them. Why I hear you ask? Because I am a woman. THAT'S WHY. A 20 something (don't worry which side) fashion-conscious, style focused, selectively consuming thoughtful woman. Why would I want to revisit my teens?? Heck why would I want to revisit my bloody TWEENS? As if it was stressful enough not wearing the right footwear and in this case Nike or Adidas trainers/sneakers, or being forced into a frilly party dresses with Grant Shoes from Bond Street at kids' parties while everyone else turns up wearing mini Converses, Why would I do that to myself? And besides I was too busy being trying to be 'The Incredibly Cool Ankle Boot Woman' to care about wearing anything else.
You name 'em I wore 'em. Cowboy boots, vintage boots, Chelsea boots, suede boots, high heeled boots, studded boots, metallic boots, metal tip boots, beige boots, booties boots- all kinds of boots, and if I wasn't wearing 'em I was down right thinking about 'em. I was crazy for the boo-tay.
We are now entering the dawning of the 'new-age' so now I think: OK. Gotta look New Age. Gotta think New Age...but most importantly look New Age, well not my age if you get me.  The kids are doing it and technically I am still a kid (kind of but not really so...)
The streets are rampant with sneakers in Londontown, Nike is having a seriously huge moment right now, but I didn't really take off my Illesteva shades to notice until The Gentle Woman did and even other cult classics such as New Balance and Asics are popping up everywhere, even in SW and EC postcodes so heyyy this seems legit right? This means I hafta give it a go.
So, coming back to footloose and fancy free footwear, I ask myself, should I be dabbling with slip-ons or is it wiser to play faithful to the trusty sneaker? Put my foot in it as it were? (Yes pun intended) And if so shall I brake open little miss piggy-bank and act like Ben Baller and trot around Landan town in the Céline or Givenchy versions or are they that much of a short term trend that I should merely 'nod' to it by choosing the cheaper, but by no means less cooler Vans collabo with Kenzo? Why not? Both parties are having a serious moment anyway, so maybe I'll play around with both. The more the merrier. 

Kenzo x Vans. Available mid-March.
Image via carolinesmode

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