Monday, 4 March 2013

Caroline Issa x LK Bennett

Caroline Issa x LK Bennett Shoes image by me
 Over the weekend and in my idolatry, I wandered through Westfield London, non plussed by anything any of the stores I usually frequent had to offer, yes that right, including COS, I decided to take a closer look at the Caroline Issa collaboration with LK Bennett capsule collection. How genius I thought that they would get a valid and talented designer on board to make a range of shoes, who not only has clout but extra brownie points for being one of the members of the usual suspects we see at fashion weeks.
The collection embodies Caroline's inspiration of her trips to Thailand, using neon coloured embroidery , typical of the Thai fabrics and shoes. The pom-poms are playful touch, and giving the collection a kind of 'finish'. Not entirely original but maybe a step in the 'high fashion' direction for the regular LK Bennett customer. While I would never ordinarily step into LK Bennett, (They remind me of middle class weddings that I occasionally had the misfortune of going to in the past- THE ULTIMATE BORE, if you ask me) I was taken by the whimsical details on the flats below. Since we all know that slippers (and flats in general) are still a hit, these could easily segue into a fashionista's wardrobe for let's say running around Richmond.  I love the heels, (I mean that fleetingly, since I 'love' everything daarling) but I would have to think twice about investing in a shoe that isn't ordinarily my own personal style, although if my purse would permit me I would definitely give it a whirl.. As for the flats, they have seriously got my attention.
instagram image by me

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