Thursday, 28 February 2013

Chanael K & Mija.

all photography by Adam Katz Sinding
If you have been sailing the social media wave that is Instagram as I have of late, tracking all our favourite socialites and bloggers on their extremely fashionable escapades, then you may have spotted the latest trend-on-wrist situation: The Friendship bracelet.(second pic) Remember at school when you just had to braid one especially for your beloved BFF? (Or if you didn't have a BFF you were making them at home over the weekend only to proudly wear all 10 the following Monday and brag about how many best friends you have-NOT me!...) Well then dig this; it's likely all the ones that you have been clocking belong to the wonderful world of Chanael K jewellery. Seen on the arm of everyone who is anyone, from Miroslava Duma, to Natasha Goldenberg, stacking them up or wearing them singular, it seems the Belles Du Instagram aka the NEO IT Girls are still leading the 'streetstyle' runways.

 Chanael K Jewellery, a sleek new jewellery line that serves the more discerning fashionista, which I previously posted there promo vid here. Hints of art, nature, travel and rock 'n' roll are all combined to create that well travelled but chic aesthetic. Believe me when I say, the collection is TIGHT. Holiday in St Barth's? Yah. Study in NYC? double yah. Ski in Verbier? Triple yah! Conceived in Paris, the line is fronted by the super duper trooper Mija Knezevic, a stylist from Montenegro, currently residing in New York citaaay. She has become the poster girl for Chanaek K because, well quite frankly she epitomises what the ideal Chanael K woman is. Educated, artistic, well travelled and in possession of damn good taste. So ladies hack open your wallets and tip out your pennies and get to collecting the funky friendship bracelets before they sell out, which they always do on SugarForYouCloset -and for the more persistent of you out there, the new 'hard' jewellery line is TDF. Bringing back ear cuffs and making us feel all Kate Moss-being-shot-by-Juergen Teller-like in the 90's all over again. We cannot resist trying to channel that runaway boarding school rebel vibe. Dig?

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