Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pros & Cos.


neon magnetic bracelet from Cos, holographic credit card holder from Proenza Schouler
Blatantly this was a case of copy-cat. To quote Mean Girls:
"I saw Regina George buy army pants and flip flops so I bought army pants and flip flops." Is quite frankly precisely how I'd explain this shameless 'act-of-purchase'.
 Well I did see it first on 'This Week's What's New' on Net-a-porter, and I did take a shining to -well the shining, but aren't some consumer purchases (if not all) spurred on by the influence of others or of an idea[ology]? That the effortlessly chic and rather dynamite Frances Kwon from pinkhorrorshow had nothing to do with the final decision would be a lie to myself. Her blog is my favourite hangout, and I came across a post in which she breaks down the contents of one of her numerous mini bags. The Celine Nano in this instance, and there it was. This lean mean little ticket holding machine (for moi ticket holding in the literal sense at it can hold my oyster card) up there side by side with Burt's Bees and Mr RayBan no less, in all it's shiny holographic glory, was the Proenza Schouler credit card case. So, as it was written, after a particularly rotten day I ambled into Harvey Nichols, picked up which I later learnt was the last one and the rest is Histoire as they say.
(Oh and I copped that green magnetic bracelet on sale at Cos)

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