Thursday, 20 December 2012

MMM for H&M The Final Call.

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As we draw to a close on Maison Martin Margiela for H&M's collabo, I want to confess something. Nothing in that collection compelled me to part with my money on glorified/amplified and not wholly practical clothing. Despite the fact that MMM is cool beyond reasonable doubt and H&M are one of the best retail giants, I wasn't smitten enough to actually lock horns with one of their key pieces. The deconstructed jacket? Luke warm. The over-sized double breasted coat? Warmer still. However, nothing grabbed my senses, heck my organs, to persuade me to part with my cash. Now that we're in the 'cooling off' period it has given me time to reflect on those ubiquitous ankle boots with the perspex heels, that some how seem to be on the feet of every single blogger in the 'Blogtown'. Sleek, classic, effortlessly minimal with a structural glass wedge heel. Very very warm. Margiela fans know this is typical of MMM and probably owned the original pair ( all key pieces were re issues from previous mainlines) but hey is it all that bad to own a piece of high fashion at a fraction of the price? Naa. Even though I may pass on these boots, there is always a chance the next collaboration will change my mind. Until then!

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