Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Well I thought I wanted The Isabel Marant Dicker boots, I mean they're an ankle boot that wouldn't look out of place in my wardrobe. Anyone who likes an ankle boot or two likes a Marant Dicker boot. Or two. I'm really surprised I don't own them. I meant to get them when they were like £295 just released and steaming hot when Marant was considered underground cool and totally, authentically Parisian chic...and now they've some how the crept up to like £350. I generally love suede ankle boots when they're beaten up so I thought 'Dickers' would be best, but browsing the my-wardrobe website earlier today I have just clapped my eyes on these magnificent babies. Introducing the Alma by Acne Studios. These boots have been knocking around for sometime in different colours (canary yellow anyone?) but they didn't quite grab me until NOW. The detail at the top of the boot reminds me of the Spades in a deck of cards, the heel; pounding-the-pavements of London worthy, and finally the colour. It's right. Just right. If you are also on the look-out for a pair of ankle boots for Spring lets consider these darlings together shall we?

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