Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Wishlist.

Christmas Thinkin'

A lot of wishlists are popping up on the blogsphere of late and of course, I too have to get my two cents in. The numbers where a vain attempt to creat some sort of order to my collage and so that you, the viewer may not get lost. *sigh* Here goes...

1. Couple of boots..OK by no means do I expect to get them ALL for christmas, but throughout the year would be nice. The black: Balenciaga Derby boots, The nude: re released Chloe Susannah and the tan: Isabel Marant Dicker Boots
2.Tickets to Paris in Spring
3.A jewellery box of some sort
4. Chanael K friendship Bracelets
5. Couple of Logo tees (So I can tap into my inner 'street' self.) Sweatshirt by Brian Lichtenberg, T shirt by Les Plus Dores
6. A scented candle by Diptyque
7. Fancy clip on ear-rings by Dannijo
8. Daniel Wellington watch
9. Linda Farrow or Thierry Lasry sunglasses
10. Nikon D5100 camera (tbh I'd be happy with ANY DSLR camera.
Then I kind of ran out of numbers and remembered that I need a top up of (seriously) Ambre Nuit by Christian Dior and A cream blusher by anyone. (NARS and Bobby Brown as reference point)

I can think of like a hundred things more and I envy those who some how only come up with like 4 items. I also would love some running shoes and a years supply of 'Green and Blacks' White Chocolate and world peace.

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Emmy said...

I'm sure the PS11 is on on this list cuz' you already getting it! I got some Acne pistols coming my way so you know what that means! lol!
p.s. bloggers are such bad influence :D

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