Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Edge.

I could be referring to what Phoebe Philo possesses, but actually I am referring to the bag in the picture. It's called The Edge and it's set to replace the mini luggage which will soon be a collectors item as a Céline employee told me they were: 'Phasing them out.' Well I do love the mini luggage and I can see how it completes a really casual look but I have always liked a twist which is why I went for the Trapeze. Well what can one say about 'The Edge' that's not said in it's name? Great for true Céline affictionados, it can also be hoisted up into a clutch. If you're anything like me and get tired of holding it the high fashion way well then there is a single strap which can also slip nicely on the shoulder. Intense as the one in the pic may appear, slightly more city friendly colours like tan and red will also be appearing in a boutique near you. It's wonderful to see another beautiful bag to aspire to have for the next season.
Oh and that Jacket.

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