Friday, 28 September 2012


This week's object of desire really is an object of desire, because unless you're a genius and you got there first, you cannot get hold of the 'Egyptofunk' Collection by Balenciaga. However, I was just informed by a Balenciaga member of Staff that they might get some more in I know I already have the tee in White but looking out at the gloomy grey skies of London is giving me the willies..Who know how cold it'll be this year? and if this doesn't work out then I will have to get my mitts on:
This amazingly cool Run DMC sweatshirt by Urban Outfitters, thanks to the gorgeous Natasha who was seen wearing it on her instagram and on her blog here:
source: snowblackblog
Buy the Run DMC sweatshirt here: UrbanOutfitters

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I love that sweater <3 <3

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