Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lazio Love.

I never thought I would be affected by boots this season -well as much as usual anyway. When I'm not hankering after ankle boots already in my possession, I find myself hankering after the ones I DON'T got like the Marant Dicker boots. (I know.). I used to look at calf boots disinterestedly, even trying on the Jacobs by Isabel Marant at Selfridges, thinking their tassells are just to intense for me. However. I want has been replaced by I need
Image via Marantphiles, from COTTDS blog

Caroline wearing hers in Burgundy.
source: carolinesmode

So it's either the Laurence Dacade Boots or the Lazios...but which one do I go for? But most importantly why am I not saving for Christmas??

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