Monday, 10 September 2012

Are You An Innie Or An Outie?

Are You In Or Out?
Hey what's the big deal fashion world? Why have you been giving us way too much choice this year? Or last year? Or next year for that matter?? We're doing what ever we like now and I mean what ever. Wearing sneakers with couture? What ever next?? Dude.
That brings me to the the skirt tribe. In my little head I have created a lil' formation. (Mainly because I cannot decide what I'll be wearing...) So we know there are many skirt styles to chose from this winter and for my own person perusal I have narrowed it down to two. The flared skirt (lets call this one outie) and the pencil. (Erm lets call this one innie. Simple really) This begs the question, which are you? Are you happy jiggling your hips in a tight pencil, or are you foot loose and fancy free with a flared? And to make things tricky, will you leather it up, like the Topshop one pictured or bust out the Zara studded one, or are you a part of the texture and print mafia and chose the quilted miniature mosiac like printed one, also by topshop?
And how would you team it? With THAT Kenzo sweater or an Equipment blouse? Those Marant Sneakers, Dannijo necklace and a red lip? Well go on! Tell me!

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