Thursday, 19 July 2012

Three (Recent) Loves.

It's weird. I thought I'd love my Céline bag more, but I am seriously loving my newly acquired Mulberry Alexa Silky Snake in Nightshade Blue (phew!)

Oh did I mention I got those Marant Sneakers? I did? Oh. Well guess what, I got those new Isabel Marant Sneakers! Bazil and Bekett. The Bazils in Black are my particular faves

colours: mint candy apple( yes THE mint candy apple) & sugar daddy

When it comes to nail colours I love them all but they don't love me. I have annoyingly short fingers and a brown girl like me cannot get away with a colour like say 'Blue Satin' by Chanel. Looks pretty harsh. If you have short fingers like me it probably helps to wear lighter shades to 'elongate' the hand, you dig? ( I don't know where I picked up this 'you dig' thing from it is seriously uncool...) : /


Mandi said...

I'm loving your three choices. Mulberry has such an edge so it's easy to love! I've been on a bender with Mulberry too. And those sneakers... just a have to have!

xx Mandi

Tittyfer and Ampleforth said...

hehe I love how you word things! But it's true I love our mulberry bags! xx

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