Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Dark Knight Rises.

I sound (to myself) like a broken record as I repeat over and over :" I am DEEPLY satisfied with the outcome of this movie." Anyone who asks, that's what I tell em. Hat's off to Christopher and Jonathan Nolan.(John co-wrote it with his older bro) and to Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy. Really? Really? Anne is that how you go on? You are a such a G(angsta) I can't stand it. I think I am falling for Nolan. It all started with Memento starring Guy Pearce (Another one of my fav actors). It was subtle. Not forced. Organic like. (Know what I mean?) This guy can direct the most complicated, interwoven scenes you have ever seen (er hello INCEPTION)

The ending is typical Nolan style, questions all over the gaff. He pulls the whole thing tightly together with such finesse and it moves pretty swiftly. I accept there was a bit of spoon-feeding of the story line, but not like 'dumbing-down for the audience' sake but for those who do not know the story (the final in the trilogy).

There were a few question marks like, what is Hollywood's preoccupation with superheros, oppression and radical regime change, nuclear threat and other such stuff? but I thought, naaa. Leave that to the critics and conspirators.  I'm going to enjoy this movie. They can say what they want to say but for me, it's all about the villain Bane. Tom Hardy has set the bar pretty high I have to say, and I mean those AVIATOR jackets? C'mon what's not to love. I LITERALLY want all the clothes that Bane wears. cray Mask and all.

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Mandi said...

I'm feeling the same love for Nolan's flicks! Brilliant and satisfying end to my favourite (huge call I know) trilogy!

xx Mandi

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