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The Power Of InstaGram. Boutiques Take Note!

Well hello lovelies! Been away for a while, a few adjustments were made in my life and now I am back. On Track no less. Those who follow me on instagram @tittyferandampleforth know that I haven't really been gone, just majorly distracted and here's why.
Ever since I got my iPhone 4s, I started using Instagram. I was seriously non-plussed by this photo app until one day whilst waiting to go into the theatre to see 'All New People' it hit me like a cyber 1k tonne weight: BAMMM! I spotted Leandra Medine, doing her crazy dance, or whatever it was she was doing on the popular page-that caught my attention- in her home town of NYC. Wearing cray ass hawt shoes. In REAL TIME. On her FEET. That Very INSTANT. I immediatly went to view her profile and saw the blue button below which read: follow. ('Screw twitter!' I thought) In a nano instant I could immedialy view all of Leandra's pictures. Including The Wedding showdown. No waiting for a full 24 hours for her to update the ol' bloggo. Or Six months for some writer of 'Blergh' magazine to move off their asses and write about it. The rest as you all well know, is social media history.

"Great book. Not."

Signature Arm Party

Posing 'Manjelina' style infront of her Dannijo line
images via @manrepeller via instagram

Then I got to thinking, if Manrepeller is here, then who else is??
 Yesssss. All my favourite bloggers, stylists, socialites and style tribes and girls.  Caroline Bloppis, Mija Knezevic, Miroslava Duma, Sofi Fahrmann and much more!

I once used to a dedicated reader of fashion and style monthlies like, American/Parisian/British Vogue, Australian Elle and Harpers and British Tatler. They were all my regular reads, including NYLON, Luula, Another Magazine, Grazia UK among many others. (I have thousands of issues dating back to 1998. No not personal ones, magazine ones!)   My oh my how things have changed.

So why has Instagram replaced blogs and become my life giving elixir and social lifeline?
I remember the days when fashion writers used to introduce us to a brand, let's say IRO, or a place eg. Croatia or a festival- Benicassim, depending on the publication, Vogue's writing style was more like: "HERE it is" in a flat neutral tone (I would imagine), Grazia's was all like; "You didnt know?! Well here it is girlfriend!" and Nylon mag was like: "Well if you didnt know then you lose bitches!" (Like the cheeky monkeys they are)

Alas! For we adept advanced discerning tastemakers following our own path to what makes us tick, being spoon fed fashion and culture was not our forte. Now I'm all like: " That's soooooo done now??" hehe.
We like it raw. We like it isolated. A grilled hand made sandwich on a smooth  single stone wedged in the sea in Bora Bora, A Mawi ring and Eddie Borgo bracelet on a shiny porclain toilet seat in an old warehouse. (thank you The Coveteur!)
 No more professonal photographers in sterile envirmonments with pictures of Essie nail polish stratigically spilt over a handmade marble table. Cue Leila, jewellery designer of LeiVanKash with her amazing shots of her holidaying in Cannes, attending a friend's wedding and posing on some trippy staircases clad in Celine, Zara and Isabel Marant Beketts all whilst showing off her delectable jewellery line:

pics via @leivankash instagram
buy LeiVanKash jewellery here

And since featuring in Grazia UK a few weeks ago, I can be all like: "Really Grazia? I ALREADY know about the line dude."

We like -preferably- a place/thing/food/shoe/coffee/book no one has heard about in cool and unsual places. Or you, know just straight up good/ineresting accessible COOL AS ASS  photography.

 With regards to fashion, we  like to see ordinary women/ladies/gents/friends/enemies/neighbours and random girls (or guys) wearing outfits old and new for our perusal. We want to be influenced by each other. How we wear it, where we wear it to, how we LIVE whilst wearing it. Isn't that the focal point of all major print and web publications' demographic outline when they target us?

@lifeofboheme wearing Isabel Marant Etoile sun dress in Nice, South of France.
image via instagram

@lissy_cc wearing her Mulberry Lily in Grass Green in Catalonia, Spain
image via instagram

art through Mija's eyes at Saatchi & Saatchi Gallery in London
images are @mij_a_porter's through instagram

I know when I buy/see/eat something I share it. When we mention WHERE or HOW we accquired something, surely the awareness of the product or place goes up? Thus inevitably so does the value or sales.  Such is the power of written word via social media platform among like-minded people.

Isabel Marant Bekett and Bazil AW12 collection

Connecting with friends, bloggers and foodies accross the globe enable me to see a place I have been meaning to go, in the moment see a dish I have wanted to eat at a joint I have wanted to go to IN THE NOW and even share views on literature that I might/might not want to read in a country I want to visit.

Apple Tart with Salted Caramel Ice-Cream @ Balans

A rainbow in London
my pics via instagram, make sure you follow me @tittyferandampleforth

 All HAIL the gods of #SocialMedia *Bows head*

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