Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I Can Feel It Coming. Camo Is Back!

As if dressing up like a gent with men's slippers and smoking jackets wasn't enough, it seems we all want to run around dressed like GI Joe again. Yes (*sigh*) I said again, to all those PYTs out there any one over the age of 25 was most certainly, definitely rocking this look big time over 10 years ago. Including me. (Ahem.) It's almost as though my past has come to haunt me but in a good way. I used to have one of these Camo jackets bought from an Army surplus store in Camden and then several years later sold it on ebay like the fool I am. Luckily, I kept my plain green one and even though pretty much all the buttons have fallen off, and the stitching is making a run for it, I never ever hesitate to put it on. So, I ponder as the truly bonified lover of all military clothing, one has to ask one's self, am I ready to do this again?

I think we know the answer to that. HELLO Camden. Here I come!

You can get this fab alternative if you live somewhere removed like, I dunno Barnes-just kidding- its in Topshop now! How would you wear it? I say mix it up with florals and stones!

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