Friday, 8 June 2012

Snapshot! Instagram Week...

1. You Me Sushi at Westfield London

2. Window shopping in Urban Outfitters at Stratford Westfield London

3. Trying on a vintage blouse at UO

4. Nars Thakoon collection in 'Amchoor'

5. Armswag

6. Full English Breakfast at The Albion in Shoreditch with a friend

7. New 'Dresscoat' thingy from H&M

8. The Most Amazing Mocha from 'The Station Pub' in Shoreditch

9. A flicker into my closet

10. My wet Isabel Marants

11. In the changing room at liberty trying on Isabel Marant and Etro

12. Berries

13. The Breakfast Club in Hoxton for a quick lunch pitstop

14. Outfit Of the Day

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