Monday, 18 June 2012

Shoe Monday!

Since the weather insists on being moody, I figured, what way to brighten up our miserable grey Monday morning in London than to a slew of 'hot trotski' shoes? This is from the blog Let the visual feasting commence!
Oh and did I mention NETAPORTER are on sale? The shoes, the shoes!...

Er, let's not go there.

Batman Returns?

Miu miu. Always chic, even when placed next to a used cigarette butt. OH Life!

If Picasso did shoes...well, he didn't but Balenciaga did

Miu Miu delight

Remind me why I would need to go to Le Louvre when there's is some art right here?
Sergio Rossi

I use to have these louboutins in black!! Where are they now I hear you say? Beats me. Probably on someone else's feet. Bye bye

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