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The 'Neo Street Chic' Tribe. ID'd.

This fresh, exotic and exciting new breed of 'Neo It Girl' is what we've all been waiting for. OK. Lemme break it down for you. You've probably been wondering who all those hawt ladies were being papped on all those street-style blogs? Well hold on to your Celine handbags ladies because you're about to find out.  Let us distinguish exactly who get's it right working the street-style look, whilst having fun and supporting new designers-AND being them their selves at the same time. Phew!

The ones we are watching are: 

1. The amazing Natasha Goldenberg AKA (Le haute mamma, ya like? I made that one up myself) who has launched a clothing line called Tzipporah, which you can view and drool hereof beautiful deconstructed casual pieces about to hit us at any moment (luckily it's not with an axe, then we'd really be stunned!)

source: thephotodiarist

2. Mija Knezevic, this stylish New Yorker works for Proenza Schouler. She has impeccable taste and even makes jeans look like tailored trousers, her key pieces include Stubbs and Wootton slippers and her ACNE denim jacket!

check out her blog:

3. Leila Kashanipour, famed for her beautiful jewellery collection LEIVANKASH, which I just get ants in my pants for, famed the notorious skull cuffs seen on just about anyone who's worth a damn. She combines Zara with luxe. Pure Genius.

source: michelle bobb-parris

4. Nino Eliava, Works for Russian Grazia  and who's ethereal style is sharpened with Givenchy, Celine and Alaia. A bit of a sun goddess with gorge hair if you ask me...

I am just obsessed with this picture, I mean! Tata Naka jacket and dress with Celine Box in Green and Prada Sandals? I. Die.

source: her blog

5. Aziza Azim
Where do I begin? Urban Street Cool is this beauty. Her short crop, she's young, foot loose and fancy free wearing clashing prints and her Celine Trio goes everywhere with her.

(love those Laurence Decade Boots!)
here blog is here:

6. Soraya Bakhtiar..I think she is from Geneva, but lives in London. She works for Elle UK and has a knack for pairing up patterns, and a serious serious love for Isabel Marant (Don't we all!)

oh (Chanel) boy!

7. Finally, the head honcho, Editor od Russian Harper's Bazaar and original Russian Doll herself: Miroslava Duma, who I am always posting, she doesn't just wear beautiful clothing, it fits her tiny petit frame so well, that you want to package her up in a plastic box and put her on display!

source: citizencouture

source: google

So I am so full of colourful inspiration that I decided to do a dedication post that I feel captures all these ladies personal street-styles, pieces I feel they would wear in the Summer time. Not too complicated and easily interchangeable with high-street or vintage pieces. I call it....


The Goldenberg Effect.

1. Jacket from Tata Naka
2. Yello T shirt from LNA buy here
3. Denim Mini from ACNE
4. Khaki Green Sandals from Givenchy buy a similar pair here
5. Black Obsedia Bag from Givenchy
6. Hermes Black 'Clic-Clac' cuff
7. and 8. Leivankash 'Rose Bracelets' and 'Olivia Rose' Ring buy here

Did I miss anyone out? Who are your style heros? I'd love to know

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Aziza Azim said...

Thank you so much!!! Sending you lots of love from NYC!!!

Aziza Azim xx

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