Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I Choose You!

I want to replenish and revitalise my wardrobe and at the moment, besides needing the typical fashion essentials, we all harp on about, it'll be fun to incorporate some adventure, not just into the pieces, but also the HUNT for the item. Take picure 1. The military jacket, even though I have a small collection, including a vintage one from Rokit from about 10 years ago, and my recent one from Isabel Marant, I have just bought the coveted Zara jacket with leather sleeves on eBay, as if these others were not enough! Well the search continues for the perfect one. 

2. Is there a hope in hell of getting hold of that floral ACNE blouse in cream or black as seen on Caroline (Caroline's Mode)? Who knows- er well if anyone knows please please contact me. 

3. Who knew how much these Celine Mini Luggage/Phantom Bags would be so in demand? Did you know they are only allowed to sell a certain number of units per day? Well now you do so BACK off until I get my mitts on one. (!)

4. Neon. Quite the colour to pull off, if you can handle looking in it's general direction without having your Iris's turn inside out,  once you get past the initial brightness, it can look really radiant and classy if worn well. So the HUNT is on if I am going to look for something Neon... it might take me till next Spring though

5. Finally, finally Plastic shoes. Not just any plastic though, if I 'm gonna do plastic it's going to have to be the now sold out Un Bouts By Christian Louboutin. Maybe an Online search is in order.
(pics by stockholmstreetstyle, styletrove)

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