Friday, 4 May 2012

La La Land.

L La Land.

So I am off to LA in a couple of months so in typical TittyferandAmpleforth style, I search for a whole new holiday wardrobe, sometimes far beyond myself. Logic does not feature until I arrive to the conclusion that I could probably pick up a few pieces while I'm there. I stumbled on this beaut skirt by Isabel Marant and I think it'll go well with pretty much everything. I am not really partial to snake print on fabric, I think it looks a bit cheap, but I love the ruffles and the smocking details on this Isabel Marant one which off sets the print and gives it a funkier carnival feel. This will go well with my Isabel marant Ulyse Jacket also pictured. Whaddayathink?

1. Isabel Marant Ulyse Jacket
2. Alexander Wang Long sleeved t shirt
3. Isabel Marant Milla Ruffled Skirt
4. Balanciaga Sandals
5. Mulberry Mini Taylor in Summer Khaki
6. Pamela Love Bullet Ring

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Emmy said...

I think the skirt's gorgeous!

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