Sunday, 6 May 2012


I know other bloggers say they are obsessed with InstaGram, but are they as obsessed with it as me?
1.So I bought these books, because hey you know we gotta have other interests!

2. And I had this one lunchtime, can't remember which.

3. Had this one another lunchtime, may I say, it was delish.

4. Bought my fave tea from The Grocery Food Store in Shoreditch/Hackney or whatever it calls it's self these days.

5. Spied this jacket on

6. What I wore

7. What I wore again

8. Playing with this amazing app called picfx on the iPhone, I mean...

9. Deciding that these have to be the coolest ass pumps made by Charlotte Olympia for a while, but no-I mean this whole collection was slammin'- whilst simultaneously playing with this other cool app called frametastic. Ahh life.

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