Monday, 9 April 2012

For Sale.

I'm selling my vintage Balenciaga bag on ebay, check check check check it out here x
and also I am selling this Louis Vuitton leopard scarf below:

You know when something so limited comes out, (red AW 05) and you miss out by a finger nail it haunts you all your shopping life. Oh yes peeps. This scarf has haunted me, and ever since I missed out on the first one, all I do like a moth to the light, is drag my self to the nearest LV store to get the latest colour. It's a disease and I am ashamed. Anywho.
This baby has been pre-loved, it has runs thoughout, but this is the nature of the scarf and is infact normal as told by the sales consultants at Louis Vuitton. I have had this beaut for I dont know 3 or 4 years? I have five so really it's time to shift one of them! You must store it like the above picture to keep the wrinkles in, even after dry clean. Please email me regarding offers and details of postage and conditions. I accept PAYPAL as a secure form of payment AND I am willing to ship worldwide.

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