Monday, 16 April 2012

Thanking You.

I am nearing the 10,000 'hit' mark and for me this is tres exciting y'all! Holla!(Sorry. Ahem.) Thanks to everyone who tripped fell and landed on my blog and a major hurrah to those who stayed here. I really appreciate it. I am so grateful that you can even be arse-d to even look at my blog and read my cray cray rantings about fashion, style shopping, bit a culture, bit of film and all the bits of cheese all round. (sometimes I update my blog with a chicken leg in one hand yelling profusely like a wild banshee while I surf the web wearing swimming goggles looking for juicy inspiration.) Em. Not really. Any who, tonight I am off to a film premiere for 'Elfie Hopkins' starring Ray and Jaime Winstone so that should be fun and maybe, just maybe I'll sneak a few piccy poos in.


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