Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Totes want these but I am a season too late...however I will be on the hunt from now on..HELLO eBay!
 Which leads me to ponder, when I get old, I can envision myself being the picture of eccentricity. I plan on going to the opera once a month wearing bespoke Louis 16th style shoes by Roger Vivier, a long floor length cape in red satin and vintage emeralds and rubies. I will wear round Lennon-style sunglasses, even inside, and I will probably have a jewel encrusted safe house in which I wil stash all my first editions of complete series of Shakespeare's 37 plays and complete works of Oscar Wilde. I will regularly go out in fancy dress and refer to every one as 'person' as in 'you person' if they annoy me. Well...I'd better get saving then!
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