Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This Or This?

I've put a pair of the blessed WILLOWs on hold in Selfridges for tomorrow, OR should I totally stop fannying about and finally get an iPhone 4s? Decisions decisions! I really don't know what to do, Pretty much been working all Christmas for a blasted PRADA, so that's at least half of my wages, YES, I spend it all on clothes. (SAD I know`) The iPhone costs the the same amount as the Isabel Marant sneaks because I'm buying it off which should I get? and should I forsake the cinema and dinner with my friend to run down to Selfridges and then bet yelled at later? Arrgghhh!

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Bridgid said...

ooh that's a tough call! the sneakers are very 'hot right now', and are amazing - but the 4S might be a better investment in the long term? aah i hate decisions too haha

Emmy said...

I hope your day has gotten better already! But even if it hasn't, I'm gonna tell you what my husband says (he's always happy): "Any day above the ground is a good day!"
Now, IM sneaker or iphone??? Well, this is easy for me because I don't really like the IM sneakers (at least not yet, maybe later I'll change my mind), so I say iphone. And it really makes more sense because you'll use your phone all the time and you can also use instagram!!!

p.s.I updated my blog with some random pictures I had!

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