Monday, 9 January 2012


Well hello beautiful people. I've had a few technical difficulties with the layout of my blog which meant that posting was a tad bit slow...that and concentrating on doing well in my new job!

But now. Back to business. Neo It Girl Business that is. The key to being the ultimate 'Neo It Girl' de jour is make sure you can obtain or currently possess the following:

1. Ombre hair, or whatever hair happens to be de rigueur , oh and nails, gotta have nails.

source: fuckyeahalexachung

 2. Raid someones interesting closet e.g. your boyfriend, grandma, personal trainer, zoo keeper. Makes for more interesting street apparel.

source: ringmybell

3. Wear ridiculously pavement-unfriendly shoes, preferably platform heels. With Feathers, tweed and or pom poms.

source: carolinesmode

4. Own, rent or squat in a tres cool NYC, LA or London loft. Downtown is best. Don't question why, Downtown IS best.

source: unknown

5. Hire a photographer. This could be a trice bit expensive so maybe your boyfriend or best friend will do. (These are for those impromptu photographs where you will be caught doing something terribly cool like smoking a joint whilst adjusting the strap on your Chloe Susan booties. Cuz that's how you roll. Maybe not.)

source: olsensanonymous

6. Finally, make sure you get the hottest invites to all the latest parties in all the towns. Or at least stand outside the venues with a cigarette in hand to make it look like you've popped out for a fag. Voila!

source: fuckyeahalexachung


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