Thursday, 19 January 2012

I Would Like...

Besides the YSL rings, I would like INSTAGRAM! I stole this pic from fashionlane, because I want to be able to take pics like this

I really need  a vanity tray for my growing collection of scents.
source:columbine.freshnet splurge on Louis Vuitton. It looks like she's giving, or maybe receiving? I'm gonna go with receiving.
source: hiddeninherheart

...A grey v neck
source: vanessajackman

travel more
source: dependswhatdayitis

Meet and hang out with cool people
source: unknown

Get these bloody trainers/sneakers (depending on country delete as appropriate)
source: theyallhateus

Go to NYC, I've never been! Shocking I know. (Is that Zara in the background??)
source: unknown

Get a special pair of shoes
source: unknown

Er...get MORE  shoes
source: unknown

Get an Iphone for the 20th time...
source: songofstyle

go out and drink more cocktails with friends
source: unknown

Get a pair of Sunglasses, cat-eye ones to be exact
source: theyallhateus

I'm a Brit so I like to have tea. I want more of it with friends in tea rooms. I like Claridges best.
source: unknown

...A Blasted camera!
source: vogue

A cool hat from Christies.
source: stockholmstreetstyle


Bridg said...

haha i love this - great wishlist, and i agree with every single one! esp love the 'hang out with cool people' haha :D

Great blog hun!

Emmy said...

Great stuff! You'll love Instagram!!! It's soo addictive!
And btw, the louis vuitton picture is from SATC. It's Carrie giving her assistant her dream bag, remember??? Jennifer Hudson...

Tittyfer and Ampleforth said...

Ahh thanks Emmy! Now I remember! Of course!!! xxxx

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